Currently the company started a clinic which has the following services:

  • Regular adult OPD service: treatment and follow up of chronic illnesses like hypertension, diabetes mellitus, cardiac illnesses, renal illnesses, dyslipidaemia,
  • Emergency services: treating acute illnesses like pneumonia, trauma, febrile illnesses, exacerbated bronchial asthma etc. For patients who need urgent resuscitation, oxygen support, or other treatment, we have well equipped emergency room. Our emergency room is equipped with adjustable resuscitation beds, cardiopulmonary monitors, oxygen delivery items, different emergency drugs, and salbutamol nebulizer for patients with severe exacerbated bronchial asthma.
  • Pediatric services: treatment and follow up of childhood illnesses.
  • Psychiatry service: giving counselling and prescription facility to psychiatric problems
  • Different nursing care services: Our highly skilled nurses provide different nursing care services like injection, securing IV line and give IV medications, wound care services (from simple to complex wounds), wound closure, catheterization, cleansing enema, NG tube insertion…
  • Family planning service: We provide family planning service including counselling and providing the necessary materials and drugs.
  • MCH service: antennal follow up and care (ANC) for pregnant mothers and addressing child health issues including vaccination.
  • Diagnostic facility: We do variety of laboratory tests including haematology, chemistry, serology, urine and stool examinations; ultrasound service; ECG service and in the near future we will start digital X-ray service.
  • Home care service: we provide home care service with our well trained nurses.
  • Minor surgery: We are doing different minor surgeries like circumcision, circumcision correction, lipoma excision, breast lump excision, hydrocelectomy, orchiectomy, foreign body removal from different body sites, and other minor surgeries.
  • Consultancy service: For those who require information about kidney and urinary tract problems, prostate problems, male genitalia, and male reproductive issues, we give full consultancy service including treatment options, where to go (local facilities and/or abroad) to get the treatment, what dietary and other life style measures to take. We have also this consultancy service for other areas like nutrition, psychiatry, and other chronic medical illnesses.